Vydáno: 12.11.2011

:).......... Celý článek

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Africa teh first entry

Vydáno: 15.10.2011

Yesterday I arrived in Africy. We staying in some cabins and mosquitoes at night, they me almost ate...food is good. Tomorrow we go on safari...It is all...... Celý článek

Me and Dad!

Vydáno: 08.10.2011

That´s it. Me and my dad will produce a fuction models. Only about with combine harversters will be a problam. ...yeah, and maybe we go back to Afrika.... Celý článek

omitted match

Vydáno: 01.10.2011

I missed the match...but i was in Europe with suret girl!... Celý článek

11 th September

Vydáno: 11.09.2011

Ten year ago my dad died almost a desade ago thousands of people died, ten year ago, terrorists destroyed the entire United States, ten year ago, terrorists killed thosands of pe... Celý článek


Vydáno: 10.09.2011

I am in high school!!!!!... Celý článek

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